Sereno, sereno sereno será
 Estos son serenos
 De la madrugá
 Estos son serenos
 De la madrugá. 

This is a very popular chorus in our Trinidad parang. It is to be sung at night time. Sereno refers to the weather, the falling dew, the fine weather at night.

Madrugá or madrugada is the early morning before daybreak. At that time it is still cool and quiet. The singers are heard in the open air.

Do you know the origin of the word parang?

Parang comes from the Spanish word parranda. It refers to the group of merrymakers who sing and play their instruments to entertain themselves and others.

This is how we form a parranda:

  • Gather 2, 3 more more happy persons
  • They play cuatro, marac, toctoc, box base
  • Add one singer or more singing (songs from Trinidad and Venezuela) joyfully in Spanish. These people are now a parang or parranda!

They sing anywhere.

They go to the homes of their friends and family.

Their songs are parang songs or just parang.

They sing on stage to entertain everyone.

Each singer is a parrandero. They sing on stage to entertain everyone.

When a group of people play musical instruments and sing, they are engaging in “parang”.

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