After perusing, I find the books to be very teacher friendly, even for the teacher who knows or speaks very little Spanish.  I must note that the content is closely aligned to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and the illustrations are visually stimulating for students. Furthermore, many of the illustrations are culturally relevant. I am very pleased with the glossary at the back of the books, which offers the proper pronunciation of words. In light of the above, I highly recommend that teachers employ these books in their Spanish curriculum.

Shalla S.

I am not a language teacher. At secondary school Spanish was not my best subject. My
teacher did not teach us well. We didn’t listen to Spanish nor learn to speak it. Yes, we
learned a lot of vocabulary, and some grammar. I was turned off completely. My thing was
Math. After reading through the A SABER books and TEACHER’S GUIDE I can say I am
learning a lot for my self. I know I will teach my students well with the help of this
TEACHER’S GUIDE It is the real thing!

Malaika O.

Wonderfully thought-out books that consider not only the student, but teachers and parents alike who may also be new to the language. Colourfully engaging, it includes activities and themes relevant to the Trinbagonian learner. The !A Saber! Series is ideal for Spanish language learners and all teachers at the primary level.

Lydia J-W.

Profesora is a fun and considerate teacher. She tries to use examples and topics she knows I’m interested in.

Rinaldo F.

I’m observing new talents and abilities in my 6 year old daughter than I may never have discovered without engaging her in language learning. Thank you for making Spanish class an adventure.

Rachael F.

In a time when there are many gadgets and gizmos to shift a young man’s focus, Español en Trinidad has not only found a way to hold my son’s interest in Spanish but also enjoy every minute of exploring the language! ¡Muchas gracias profesora!

Rachael F.