We provide support to Spanish teachers and parents of learners at the pre-school, primary and secondary school levels. In addition, we facilitate interactive class sessions for small groups of young learners.

Training Workshops

Spanish is gaining greater prominence than ever before in Trinidad and Tobago. It is evident that it is a language which our citizens ought to understand and speak.

Learning should start at an early age, since children from birth to the age of seven are uniquely equipped to learn any language. However, many Primary School teachers do not feel confident to teach Spanish because they lack proficiency in the communication skills required to use a language. They perceive their own training in Spanish as deficient. Notwithstanding, we believe that with the right choice of resource materials and the correct methodology, any teacher will be able to facilitate learning in children.

This workshop is designed to share ideas concerning effective ways of teaching Spanish to young children whose native language is not Spanish.

First, we will discuss different language teaching objectives and methodologies. We will then focus on how to:

  • Assist the child in developing fundamental language skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Provide child with opportunities for incidental learning.
  • Make learning a fun filled activity.
  • Be creative and cater to different learning styles.
  • Apply Spanish to situations outside the classroom or teaching session.
  • Assess learning during the learning process and measure the outcome of learning.

Workshop resources include teacher and student guides, online audio files,

Interactive Classes

At present, Profesora Sylvia conducts private classes for a handful of children, providing support to their parents for supplementing learning at home. Future opportunities for similar engagements may be considered upon request; however our focus at Español en Trinidad is to foster organic learning in the home and classroom.

Guidance for exciting and engaging Spanish lessons (targeted toward children ages 0-12) will be provided on our blog “Explore Culture” for teachers and parents looking to embark on the adventure of language teaching/learning. Be sure to follow the blog so that you never miss a post.

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