Take a peek at the responses below at the end of this lesson.

And now we shall proceed to expand our vocabulary.

See how words are related and are spawned from one original word:

Cerrar = to close

Cierro la puerta = I close the door

Cierra la puerta = Close the door! You may have to say that very often to your children or younger siblings.

¡Cierra la puerta!

When the door is closed we say La puerta está cerrada.

If it is open we say: La puerta está abierta.

What is our response when the door is locked? What do we say? Well, in order to lock a door we usually use a key or a bolt. In Spanish we do not have a separate word to express the action of locking. For example, we say “to close with a key”.

Do you remember the word for a key? It is una llave.

Cerrar con llave = to lock

¡La puerta está cerrada con llave! The door is locked!

El cierre =the close down

La cerradura= the lock

El cerrojo = the bolt

By the way, a padlock is un candado.

Someone locking the business establishment during the lock down period might insist as folllows:

Cierra la puerta.

Cierra la puerta con llave.

Echa el cerrojo.

¿Y el candado? Cierra la puerta con candado. ¡Echa el candado también!


1. Correct response is: Cerrar = to close.

(Cero = zero; sierra/la sierra = mountain range.)

2. Correct response is: El Cierre = The closure, the lockdown!

Felicitaciones! You were attentive! If not, it is worthwhile reading that post again.