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To refer to work stoppage because of a strike the word used iS PARO or HUELGA

Un paro or una huelga = a strike.

Do you remember the meaning of el paro forzoso?

What is una parada? Certainly NOT a parade! Of course a parade with uniformed persons marching is un desfile.

And Un desfile de modas? Remember? Models filing past on the catwalk displaying fashion wear.

If you are walking and someone says ¡Párate! or ¡Párese! What do you do?

if you are sitting and someone says: ¡Párate! or ¡Párese! What do you do?

Estar parado Estar parada = to be standing.

Estoy parada. (female speaker) Estoy parado. (male speaker)= I am standing.

This is another way of saying:

Estoy de pie. = I am standing.

So, right now are you standing? Select your answer. Say it out loud!

No, no estoy parada. No estoy parado. Estoy de pie.

No estoy de pie. Estoy parado. Estoy parada.

El paro forzoso = unemployment

La parada = bus stop

El desfile de modas = fashion show

If I’m walking and someone tells me Párate, I will stop.

If I’m sitting I will stand up!

So, what is the meaning of that Spanish proverb?

Malo/mala = bad bueno/buena = good

El tiempo = the weather

la cara = the face

A mal tiempo = When the weather is bad.

Buena Cara = My expression and attitude. Do you understand it?

What is an English equivalent?

The establishments which are open are:

the pharmacy, the bakery and the hardware store.

The ones that are closed are:

my favourite bookstore, clothing store and toy shop!