The Aguinaldo (pronounced ah-ghee-nahl-doe)

In the book Parang Cancionero, the author explains: "Modern Parang comprises music and song derived mainly from traditional Venezuelan folk music, and contemporary popular Latin American music. The former is often described as “authentic” or “heritage” parang rooted in the musical expressions of Eastern Venezuela. In this work the lyrics of contemporary Latin American song … Continue reading The Aguinaldo (pronounced ah-ghee-nahl-doe)

Sylvestre Betico Mata, parrandero 1905-1987

Sylvestre Betico Mata was born in Güiria, (pronounced Gweereeah), in the Paria Peninsular of Eastern Venezuela, on January 1st 1905. As a little boy in Güiria, Mata had been a participant in the house-to-house parang. In 1916, at the age of eleven, he migrated to Trinidad as a refugee.1 1 Information received from family members. … Continue reading Sylvestre Betico Mata, parrandero 1905-1987