We’re a small team of professionals who share a passion for language, culture and learning. We believe that the acquisition of a new language should be both natural and enjoyable and have dedicated our time and efforts to ensuring that this is the experience of every learner who interacts with us.

Dr. Sylvia Moodie-Kublalsingh, our CEO and Learning Director harnesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding learners and training educators.

Born in Trinidad many years ago, she loved Spanish from childhood. Other languages such as French and Latin were her favourite subjects at secondary school.

She lived and attended school in Port of Spain in the 1950s, then travelled to Ireland and Spain where she was able to obtain her degrees in the languages she loved, and to speak them fluently, especially Spanish.

She is passionate about teaching and seeing how people learn. Although she taught Spanish to adult learners at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine from 1970 to 2010, she was always drawn to teaching the language to the very young and to those who wished to speak it well. Affectionately called “Profesora”, she often taught small groups of infants on a Saturday morning at her home.

Together with three other educators, she wrote ¡VIVA¡ a series of Spanish books for secondary school students. They were used throughout the Anglophone Caribbean in the 1990s and early part of this century. After formal retirement she taught Spanish at a primary school for seven years. Subsequently, she wrote A PINTAR UNO, A PINTAR DOS , A SABER Book 1 and A SABER Book 2 for primary school learners.

Profesora focused her academic research on the Trinidad speakers of Spanish and gathered substantial data not only on their variety of Spanish, but also about their culture: food, medicinal plants, life in general and especially their songs known today as parang. She is anxious to share her knowledge with you!

Join us on this journey. Explore the Spanish language and learn more about the Hispanic culture of Trinidad and Tobago.