¡Cuídate! (Take care of yourself!) (Be safe!)

¡Quédate en casa! (Stay at home!)

Me quedo en casa. (I am staying at home.)

Nos quedamos en casa. (We are staying at home.)

Hopefully it will be for a short period until Covid19 disappears from the face of the earth!

Meanwhile, let’s keep on increasing our Spanish vocabulary.

¿De acuerdo? Agreed?


We are already familiar with the words CERRADO = CLOSED and ABIERTO = OPEN seen on the doors and windows of many commercial establishments.


My favourite shops are closed.

Mi librería favorita.

Mi tienda de ropa favorita.

Mi juguetería favorita.

OK! Chin up! A mal tiempo, buena cara.


These places are open:

La farmacia está abierta.

La panadería está abierta.

La ferretería está abierta.

Here is a Spanish Proverb to ponder on during these times:

A mal tiempo, buena cara.

Guess the meaning of that Spanish proverb.

To find the meaning, click on the button below.

And also discover which places are closed and which are open!

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