¿Cómo Se Dice En Español?

There is no doubt that this virus is present worldwide. I am sure you are curious to know the Spanish words related to this new scenario. Perhaps you are already able to express yourself in Spanish to explain a health issue. Be that as it may, let us explore the language and discover how to refer to pandemics and viruses, flu, colds and fevers, sneezes and coughs. Not a nice subject to focus on, but definitely an important and necessary one.

La Organización Mundial de la Salud, la OMS ha declarado que estamos experimentando una pandemia.
No se trata de una epidemia, sino de una pandemia.

The WHO has declared that we are experiencing a pandemic, not an epidemic, but a pandemic.

Let’s talk about good hygiene habits:

Es importante tener buenos hábitos de higiene.

Everyone is buying more toilet paper and hand sanitizers:

Todos compramos más papel higiénico y desinfectante de manos.

Los Síntomas (the Symptoms)

La tos cough toser to cough

Una tos seca = a dry cough; toser mucho = to cough a lot
El estornudo, Estornudar, escupir.

El estornudo sneeze Estornudar to sneeze

escupir to spit

Seamos limpios. Mucho cuidado al toser, estornudar y escupir.

Let’s be clean and very careful when we cough and sneeze and spit. We must act responsibly always conscious of other people around us.

sonar la nariz to blow one’s nose

How do we dispose of the paper napkin or cloth towel we have used?

¿Qué se hace con la servilleta o el paño que acabamos de usar?

Es mejor hacer adiós con la mano.

Abrazos, no. X Darse la mano,no. X

It is safer to wave to someone than shake hands or hug!!

la gripe, tener gripe

The Spanish word gripe is not related to the English gripe! It has nothing to do with stomach discomfort, or complaints against another person! Ok? This a wonderful example of a false cognate. The words look alike, but they are not related. While pandemia and pandemic are related, English gripe and Spanish gripe are not!

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